Sunday, January 22, 2012

My tomato plants are wilting?

My tomato plants are about 3 feet high with an abundance of flowers and tomatoes starting already.......

2 days ago i woke up and noticed that one of them was wilted.

So I watered it like crazy because i thought that maybe it needed it; being its been very hot in the last week.

Anyway the next day it seemed to start perking back up.

Well the next day after that...i noticed that another plant started doing the same thing...(the best one of all 3 by the way).

I gave them all a really good dose of water....

well, that night i noticed that the first one had perked up to its old self again,,,then I got up today and seen that both were wilted again...and also I can see that the 3rd is starting to wilt on top...I am very frusterated..because I don't know if I'm watering too much or not enough. There are ALOT of flowers on them....and alot of unripened fruit already. This is my first garden and I will be devestated if my plants die.


My tomato plants are wilting?
Do you know if you have good drainage in your soil? Sounds like they may suck up all the fresh water when you add it and continue to suck it up until they are heavy. Take some plugs of the ground out from around it to make sure you are getting good air in the soil and maybe help with water dispersion. Only water in the early morning, or get a drip hose to hardly run all day (best option).

Let me know when they are ripe and I'll bring over some bread and we can have sandwiches...mmm..sandwiches! :)
Reply:The wilt that has attacked your tomatoe plant is called verticillum wilt. Nothing can be done to save it the plant's must be destroyed. Sorry Report Abuse

Reply:it is excess watering that results in wilting of often and often one should harden the plants in such a way,the tomato crop should demand water in such a way,just give very light irrigation like when we are not so thirsty we sip a cup of water same way one need to water Report Abuse

Reply:SPIDER MITES!!!!!!! Spray the plants with Ortho Bug Spray. The same happens to mine every year!!!! They suck the juice from the stems and the leaves curl in. You may see some small spider webs on the plants. Definitely SPIDER MITES!!!!
Reply:My plants are doing the same thing. I didn't get many tomatoes either.
Reply:yea me too, try miracle grow. check for bugs or tomato worms.
Reply:Tomato plants need lots and lots of water; are they getting too much hot sun?... the heat could be wilting them.
Reply:too much sun water them everyday
Reply:Be sure you water the plants at night, instead of the day, because it will hurt, or burn them up. You can water after the sun goes down or is starting to set. They will do better.
Reply:If it is realy hot out you will need to water them everyday....mine does the same thing I water them late at night and by mid day they are starting to look is important that you only water the ground and not the leaves if you water the leves it will "burn" the plant when the water heats up from the sun.

MMMM I love tomatoes........
Reply:If it's really hot and dry out, you can soak your plants twice a day safely. Tomato plants need lots of water, so keep watering them while it's hot out. I always water my plants in the morning and at night when it's real hot and dry, they do better that way.

i really hope this helps you.
Reply:Keep them well watered....and tomato plants don't like to have their leaves wet (I can't remember why, but I know it's bad) so make sure to keep the water down and around the roots to keep the leaves dry.
Reply:I'm not a gardener, but miracle grow maybe? My mom puts eggshells and veggies and such in the garden for fertilizer.
Reply:My husband and I garden every year. This year has been hard because of the heat. It has rained every day but the heat wilts the plants. Just keep them watered. It is best to water late in the day so the water will soak into the soil and roots. Watering during the heat of the day can cause the water to evaporate and scald your plants. Good luck!
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